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Empowering South Asian girls and
non-binary folks to pursue a creative path in the Arts.

Because, Art is not just a hobby.


Breaking the stigma 

behind pursuing a creative career. 

Many of us come from families that share the belief that a successful career can only come from being a lawyer, doctor or engineer.


And it can be so difficult telling parents or family that you want to seriously pursue an artistic career (illustrator, photographer, designer, fine artist).


So we want to help!

Parvai is a free workshop series and interactive program for underserved young South Asian women (and non binary folks) between ages 14-22 who want to grow and develop their artistic talents while also exploring a potential career in the arts.

Ready to apply? 





Meetup back at Portola Park

SuperHunters Award Ceremony

Ready to apply? 

Submit by
April 10, 2023

To be eligible for  the Parvai program you must submit your application by 11:59pm.


Applicants will be reviewed between April 10 -13




Successful applicants contacted by

April 1 ​

Program Begins

To be eligible for  the Parvai program you must fill out our simple application!

April 16


Our Team

Sonia Dheer

Sonia Dheer is an Indo-Canadian communications consultant and the Founder of Lingfluence, a platform spearheading language education by way of personal development, community and communication. Passionate about youth leadership, she co-founded Leading4Change, an initiative aimed at connecting young leaders worldwide to collaborate on topics including mental health, racial justice and gender inequality. 

Mithushaa Berinpalingam

Mithushaa Berinpalingam (Eelam Tamil) is a CPA and Manager in Corporate Restructuring at BDO. She has held accounting/finance roles at PwC, CRA and non-profit organizations. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Honours BBA. Mithushaa led the World University Service of Canada chapter at WLU, an organization that creates opportunities for education and provides resources to underserved youth worldwide. She has experience in project budgeting and cash flow management in the youth arts space through projects like FIERCE Magazine and Not Sari.  

Pranavi Suthagar

Pranavi Suthagar is an Eelam Tamil Toronto based artist/designer. Her works center around identity, creating space for her community and self-evolution. She developed an illustration series under the alias “Not Sari”, which has connected over 17,000 people. She has been featured on BBC, BuzzFeed, and Refinery29, has hosted successful pop-ups and has had her artwork in exhibitions focused on SA identity. Suthagar is also the 2019 recipient of the Pink Attitude Emerging Artist Award.  



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