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Round 1

Our first year of Parvai is officially complete! 

We had an exceptional group of youth join us for our 2021 workshop series. Here’s a highlight reel of our favourite moments, speakers and more. 

Class Picture


What our participants said

My Parvai experience was exceptional: It is hands down, the best program I have ever participated in! Mithushaa, Pranavi and Sonia have done an incredible job of creating a welcoming, educational, and supportive space where South Asian folk have the opportunity not only to learn about the creative industry, but to create meaningful connections with others.

The weekly workshops were incredibly inspiring and insightful. I left every session feeling empowered to create, and pursue my creative dreams and passions. I particularly enjoyed the workshop about grant writing with Yasmeen Nematt Alla, where she approached the topic trough the lenses of storytelling. The way she contrasted grant writing to storytelling did not only help me understand what makes a good grant application, but it taught me how to better communicate the meaning or value of my creative and/or academic work. like many of the other workshops, I felt the skills I learned were applicable beyond the topic at hand.

At the beginning of the program, I was unsure which career path I wanted to follow. I felt uncomfortable choosing a creative pathway, because I did not know much about the creative field. Thanks to everything I learned from Parvai workshops, I feel I am now able to make an informed decision regarding my future career.

One of the most valuable things I've left this program with is a strong sense of community. After the end of the first Parvai session, I was shocked at how easy it was to connect with the Parvai participants and team. Meeting people that make you feel so comfortable and welcome upon first encounter is extremely rare: I am so grateful to have had that experience. By the end of the program, the vibrant group of South Asian folk that made up Parvai Round 1, the Parvai team included, felt like a big family. To this day, we, the round one participants, are still in touch with one another!

I would very highly recommend this program to every young South Asian non-binary individual/woman who has a passion for the visual, or performing arts: There is so much to gain from Parvai.

- Aarya

Thank you for supporting

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